10 things

i was tagged by pepper and chips to do this 10 facts about myself and pass it onto three others! so here goes...

1. i don't ever really wear make-up.
2. i only wear nail polish that has cool names (my current nails are alternating times square tangerine and fuscia shock with sparkles over it. seventh grade style!).
3. i have been craving hummus and pita.
4. if i were to have a favorite animal, it would be a beluga whale.
5. i don't like to talk on the phone very much.
6. i am currently jobless, unfortunately.
7. i am irish, guamanian, and german.
8. my dad collects small chairs. we have 26 in the house.
9. i live in san diego, ca.
10. no one reads this blog.

since no one reads this, i will tag... fashion toast, the sartorialist, and the style rookie!