1. My meal
2.TJ being angsty pretending I'm not taking pictures
3.BR and my bro laughing at how big her pockets are and how stupid people can be
4. The Ice Cream Cake Nazi
5. Nora eatin
6. Nora smilin
7. Just Dance Wii game
8. Chris getting in on the dance action
9. Evie being silly
10. Pops taking a cat nap


maeb39170 said...

first of all, im obsessed with the hilgeman clan and this pictures made my week. second, my husbands lookin fine! third, your dad is so cute and your grandma is even more adorable. and third i just love you alot and i cant wait to come over and sit around/near/adjacent to your papa's tiny chair collection!!

Jane Alisa said...

Lovely pictures, your blog is awesome. xoxo